Talk N Text’s Terrence Romeo said that his new inspiration is his 5 motnh old son

There is nothing like becoming a father, or a parent at that. It is life changing in a way that and sense that one as a new found fountain of inspiration to become a better version of ones self. It’s amazing what parenthood can do, really. It pushes people to their limits and reprograms bad habits tucking them far away and truly building new ones that may become beneficial to their children. Priorities drastically change according to what the baby needs as well, the end all be all of it is that the baby becomes a great source of inspiration that turns people to resorting into bettering themselves for the child.

Terrence Romeo of Talk N Text KaTropa can be of testimony to this. Their team had lost at the hands of Magnolia with an end score of 116 – 103 — a 13 point lead that could have gotten them devasted. This outcome also tied them at 8th place with their siter team Meralco. Terrence however did not let this brin him down as he was still eagerly greeting everybody, friends and rivals alike, a warm smile and goodbye as he exited the venue that night.

Terrence Romeo went to an interview with where he then clarified what prompted the happy and sunny disposition regardless of losing to the opposing team.

“Inspired ako,” the TNT star Terrence Romeo told the publication. “May baby na talaga ako, pero hindi ko pa nadadala (sa game), minsan sa game dadalhin ko.” He added.

The star seemed to have been extremely proud of his five month olf baby boy who was named after him, Terrence Jr. He also said that his son is the source of his whole happiness. He said that every time he plays a game or practices, he is excited to come home to his little boy whom he loves so much. However, Terrence did not disclose whether he was married to the mother nor tell the publication about her identity.

“Masaya, masaya nakakawala ng pagod every after practice gusto ko umuwi agad tapos nakakapagdagdag ng inspiration sa akin,” he said.

“Isa na rin ‘yun kasi kailangan kong maging (good example sa kanya), ayaw ko na paglaki niya iba ‘yung maging tingin niya sa akin,” he said. “Kaya gusto ko makalakihan niya ang tamang attitude na matured attitude,” he continued.


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