Regine Velasques Declares She and Vice Ganda Are One Person as She Posts Photos Of Each Other Side by Side

In a compilation of Asia’s Song Bird and The Unkabogable Star’s photos that are strategically placed side by side, Regine Velasquez declared that she and Vice Ganda are actually just one entity.

The similiarities are undeniable and downright funny at that as well. They have several photos where they are dressed similar, several photos where they are wearing identical make up, several photos where they posed alike and just several photos that made them look like twins who were copying each other in general.

The images span from their childhood days up to the present moment where they are now famous Kapamilya stars and it made several of the netizens laugh at the sight of Ms. Regine Velasquez comparing herself to Vice Ganda. In the said images, it is pretty hard to resist the comparison points. If you study the photos, you can see that they have similarly shaped faces, round eyes and pouty lips as well. Top that with the way they were styled in several of the images and you have yourself a what Regine Velasquez has said herself “iisang tao.” It’s pretty hilarious!

She captioned the post “OMG nabuking nyo na kami ni @praybeytbenjamin na iisang tao lang kami [laughing with tears emoji]”

Several people including celebrities were quick to join in on the fun, including Disney Princess voice actress and Les Miserables theater actress Lea Salonga who said “And now the secret’s out!!!!” It’s fun to imagine how much time Regine Velasquez spent looking around for those photos, or perhaps she tasked someone else to do it for her which would be kind of a let down. Other notable celebrities who joined in on the trending buzz were Jerald Napoles, Kakai Bautista, Donna Cruz, Jed Madela and Lovely Abella.

Regine Velasquez is set to guest star on Vice Ganda’s late night television talk show self titled as “Gandang Gabi Vice.” Other than this, it has been common knowledge that the Unkabogable star has always idolized Regine Velasquez as many people in the LGBTQ+ community have been doing since they have always seen Regine as some sort of motherly figure.

Furthermore, other netizens are reacting to the whole photo situation with different views in mind as well. Here are some of their catchy reactions below:

“ Magkamukha nga kayo, yung isa mukhang lalaki ang hanap yung isa naman mukhang pera booom”

“Me sariling segment na dito..Balitang Regine. Kakasawa na pep. Parang ngayon pa lang sumisikat ang lola nyo ah.”

Source: PEP

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