Meet Chavit Singson’s Gorgeous Daughter: Chelsey Singson

Most of us know who Chavit Singson is, or at least have an idea of him may it be politician, businessman, or even Pacquiao’s friend to some. Chavit is born in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and is the second eldest of seven. He hails from a family that been dominating the political environment in Ilocos Regions for several generations.

However, more than that, Chavit is also a very successful business man that has great influence in multiple industries. As of this moment, it has been reported by Esquire that he has 9 businesses including Blemp Commercial of the Philippines, Inc which is a real estate, renting and business activities, another is Partas Transportation which is a transport, storage and communications business, Platinum Skies Aviation which functions as an International Air Passenger and Freight Transport and also White Lion Media Production Inc which is a film and video reproduction company amongst the others. It was rumored that Miss Universe 2016 which was held in the Mall Of Asia Arena on January 30, 2017 was made possible after he pledged to raise a total of $11 million or roughly around P572 million to host the pageant. Chavit Singson made this possible by tapping into possible sponsors including but not excluded to big hotels where the candidates of the beauty pageants stayed during the competition.

It is no shocker that plenty of his family and children also turned out to be business men and women too, for example is daughter Chelsey Singson who owns GoSport Philippines that is known to be one of the largest sports retail chains in Europe.

The beautiful Filipina runs the whole GoSport Philippines company but she also runs a gaming YouTube Channel for fun. This is where she shares her skills and passion for games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Destiny. This hobby is shown on posts from her Instagram account.

In one gaming related post, she shared “Scoped AR and Sniper Rifle elimsss #fortnite #battleroyale #ps4” The video was over a minute long and was fun to watch overall . But Chelsey’s latest photo which was only posted yesterday is one with her and her dad Chavit, which she captions “Dad, you are a true star. Thank you for your unconditional love.” The photo has over 4 thousand likes as of this writing. Chavit Singson is a successful business man and also a loving father!

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