John Lloyd Cruz’ photo riding a jeepney goes viral

John Lloyd Cruz has been in the showbiz industry for a long time. But as soon as he stepped out of the limelight, many people saw the other side of which the Kapamilya star seldom shows in public.
As of this moment, the 35-year-old award-winning actor is living a simple life. Although this was far from being a celebrity, John Lloyd seems like he’s currently enjoying his new-found lifestyle. Just take a look at this viral photo on Twitter.

Based on the pictures uploaded by a netizen with a Twitter handle “@norminapauline,” it showed the seasoned actor riding a jeepney going inside the University of the Philippines (UP) in Quezon City. He was just wearing a gray T-shirt, shorts, and sunglasses while he was all smiles.

At first, it seems that the netizens couldn’t believe that she was actually riding a jeepney with John Lloyd himself. She even said that the Kapamilya actor still remained good-looking and attractive.
“Iyong nakasabay mo si John Lloyd Cruz sa Ikot (ang pogi pa rin).”

Meanwhile, many netizens who saw the Twitter upload immediately reacted to it. Many of them can’t believe that John Lloyd actually rode a jeepney. Some of them even quipped about it and said that the actor’s romantic partner, Ellen Adarna, might see it. The few, on the other hand, expressed that they already missed him and that they want to return to showbiz as soon as possible.

However, this was not the first time that John Lloyd do this kind of thing. We can recall that he went viral earlier this year after a video of him showed eating a “balut” with his friend. This was uploaded by actor-comedian Jun Sabayton on Instagram


Source: PEP

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