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Two Men Smash A Car Parked Outside Girlfriend’s dorm

Jealousy can rear its ugly head in the most volatile and vehement ways. It’s never completely healthy to feel it and act towards it in the most spiteful ways. Several different intellectuals try to explain the complex emotion. In one, Bevan states that “jealousy is defined as a defensive reaction to a perceived threat to a valued relationship, arising from a situation in which the partner’s involvement with an activity and/or another person is contrary to the jealous person’s definition of their relationship.”

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Romantic jealousy is particularly a complicated reaction filled with multiple components and parts. This include our thoughts, feelings and actions because research suggests that jealousy in romantic relationships are a form of communicative process.
There is a variety of ways on how jealousy could be expressed, in a public research by expert Laura Guerrero the following are plausible methods of expression:

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1) Avoidance/Denial (low threat and low directness). Example: becoming silent; pretending nothing is wrong.
2) Integrative Communication (low threat and high directness). Example: explaining feelings; calmly questioning partner.
3) Active Distancing (medium threat and medium directness). Example: decreasing affection.
4) Negative Affect Expression (medium threat and medium directness). Example: venting frustration; crying or sulking.
5) Distributive Communication (high threat and high directness). Example: acting rude; making hurtful or abrasive comments.
6) Violent Communication/Threats (high threat and high directness). Example: using physical force.

In the last mode of expression, the force may be directed in non-living objects as well. For example, a recent clip posted by entertainment page showed two men hitting and breaking a Honda Civic in broad day light. Reason being, it was parked in front of his girlfriend’s dorm. Pretty rash, huh? The 4 minute and 51 second long video has been viewed over one million times since it was uploaded on Sunday with at least eight thousand shares as of this writing.

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Several netizens are shocked as they watch the wind shield of the car crack, and several motorists ignore the blokes as they go hard on the black and white car.

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via: facebook

Watch video here:

Elantra Vs Civic

Civic nahuling nakapark sa tapat ng dorm ni gf.

Posted by on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Of course, this didn’t stop netizens from making hilarious jokes about the shocking thing. In one comment, Facebook user Justin Mohses Herrera says “ganyan din ginagawa ko sa GTA San Andreas e. may tao pa nga sa loob, hahahaha basic” while another writes and suggests that “Windshield is replaceable


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