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WATCH: Is this a magic faucet?

“Ang init!” “It’s hot” is one of the most common statements we hear from other people here in our country. Given that we live in a tropical country, we experience the blazing heat of the sun in an everyday basis, and what better way to cool off this heat is by taking a cold and refreshing bath, or a drink of a nice cold glass of water. But with this much heat, it seems like even inanimate objects need a drink of water.

A Facebook video posted last October 3, 2018, gathered the attention of the Facebook community after a netizen posted a video where it is seen that the person turned on a faucet but no water came outpouring, he then took a pitcher of water and put it near the mouth of the faucet. The faucet then absorbs the water until there was nothing left in the pitcher as if the faucet drank it. It was something out of the ordinary and is definitely something new but hilarious at the same time.

The Facebook video gathered different reactions from the netizens and some claiming that it is fake or that the video was edited and is actually reversed to make it look like the faucet is absorbing the water inside of it while the majority thinks that the video was hilarious regardless. Many comments were asking how it happened while some were trying to solve the mystery behind the video saying that there is a vacuum in the tube connecting to the faucet that resulted in what can be seen in the video.


Some netizens were sharing the video and tagging their friends. Some netizens felt thirsty after watching the video and some were looking for an update if the faucet is still “thirsty”.

Some went as far as tagging the water district in their area hoping to find an answer to this questionable yet funny video.

Watch video here:

An outdoor bathtub

If you want to have an outdoor bathtub, this is for you 😌🛀 So natural!

Posted by on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

As of today, the video has reached over 1.3 million views, 23, 769 shares and 2,963 comments and rising. The video became an instant trend after a few hours of being posted on Facebook. The person who posted the video said that their faucet was just defective and he assured that the video was not edited nor faked. He also said that he will be posting updates regarding their faucet.


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