This Man Got His First Kiss Unexpectedly From His Mama!

Do you remember your first kiss? This is the moment that most people would always want to feel romantic and special as it was shaped in our minds that this is one of life’s milestones. Some people want their first kiss to be in the rain, in a date, or in a romantic place like Paris or New York.
Sadly, not everyone gets their first kiss to be at least romantic. Some had theirs in the club with a stranger or a dare with the least beautiful person in the group. For this man in the viral video, it was his mother.

For the record, kissing your parents is acceptable as it is accepted as a form of familial love but whenever we kiss our parents, it’s usually on the cheeks. Some people find kissing their parents on the lips normal but it is just weird for the majority. This man in the video, it is obvious that he was not aiming for his mothers’s lips.

It was his graduation and they are so proud of his latest milestone. They were posing with the man’s diploma. To make the photo sweeter, the man was aiming to give her mom a forehead or cheek kiss. His mother must have thought that his son was asking for a kiss on the cheeks so she puckered up and faces her son to kiss him on the cheeks.

Their accidental kiss was caught on camera and now, it is uploaded on the internet. In just a week, it was viewed for more than 1.3 million times, shared for more than 16,000 times, and reacted more than 17,000 times.

It is unknown if that is the man’s first kiss but people assumed so and they were laughing at what happened.“Paulit ulit ko tlga pinanood eh..cguro mga 10× hahaha sakit sa tyan pusang gala. ginusto rin ni maam eh nilapit pa..haha,” Facebook user named Maharot Marupok said.
“Swerte mo Brad na kis mo si mam graduate kana nakapagkis ka pa ke mam.. congrats brad,” Maricel Dela Cruz said.

“Awkward…. hahaha ok na sana kaso pinunasan pa ngusu nya prang sya pa nandidiri tuloy sa muestra,” Anthony Tan said.

“Hahaha congrats diploma sealed with a kiss swak parang bear brand bro..sarraap mag graduate and winner both of u,” Rickybon Jamelo Prudente said.

Watch video here:

What if this happens to you?

Yung di inaasahang na kiss mo si Mam, naaaaaks 😂😂😂😂😂

Posted by Junnel Animo on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

“nagkailangan pa hahaha nagpapakiss sa pisngi ntatawa ako nung pinahiran ung bibig hhaha baho ng. hinga mo maam hahah lasang daga uaahhh,” Ryan Balote said.
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