Big Food Platter Surprise Turns Into Funny Snake Prank

Regardless of anyone’s nationality, social background, or stature in life, we can all agree that our real friends are some of the people who truly know us. Some of them we’ve shared most of our lives with and are most likely to be the keeper of our secrets.

There’s just something about friends that somehow makes us comfortable. Perhaps it lies in the fact that they are like family, but ones that we actually chose for ourselves. Most of the time, the friends that we choose carry the same wavelength as ours and share the same viewpoint when it comes to several things.

We tell our friends almost everything about us; from updates about the romantic aspects of our lives, to family issues, even our dreams, wants, and fears. This is why it would be really hard to get into a fight with good friends—they just know everything about you and might use it against your favor.

But sometimes, friends don’t need to get into fights to pull each other’s buttons. Most of the time, the information they have about us are used to pull jokes and pranks out of the spirit of good laughs. Just like this group of friends in the video below, who has had the surprise of their life through a snake prank.

The setting of the video seems to be a party of some sort. There were platters of food on the floor and the friends are sharing them. All of a sudden, one of their friends walks in with a big platter covered in foil.

Expecting that it was another set of good food, one of the guys volunteered to uncover the foil and reveal what was inside the big plate. Much to their surprise, there weren’t any noodles or steak, or any good food. What was on the platter were a pair of huge snakes.

After seeing the big crawlers, two of the guys immediately hopped off their seat as if on cue and tried to get away from the snakes as quickly as possible. The video was filled with a mixture of emotions as the guys were full of terror, while the one holding the snakes was having a good laugh at it.

Adding to the comedy of the scene, the guy wearing the blue shirt even tripped so hard and fell on the floor in his attempt to run away from the snake. The guy who pulled the prank, however, seemed to have no problems carrying the snake as he was even taunting his friends with it.

How about you, what would you feel if this was done to you by your friends?

Watch Video Here:

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Posted by Praim Saini on Sunday, August 19, 2018

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