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A Couple Made An Effort To Be Eco Friendly On Their Wedding And Netizens Approved It!

A wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies to ever be created in this planet. There’s just something about seeing two people who love each other, swear to keep the promise of love eternally. Yes, we have seen a lot of love stories but nothing compares to seeing this promise of commitment, of trust, and ultimate devotion be realized.

Every one of us has his or her own dream wedding. From the conventional ones who want to do in church. To be walking down the altar, facing the Creator and having a parish priest ordain the wedding. There are others who want to be more creative, the beach goers who think that the beach is part of their love story, and also the outdoor people, who wants to see nature, including plants and flowers to be part of the celebration. A wedding has somehow become a statement to the couple’s personality. It is their special day after all, so it is just logical that it reflects their lives and the interests that they have.

As years passed, there have been more and more types of weddings. Wedding organizers and coordinators have also become more open to the idea of having a non-traditional wedding. There have been countless wedding themes that evolved and as our interests continue to vary, the kinds of wedding has also become more and more varied.

Now, that the climate change is at its peak, a couple who are very caring for the environment has also thought of ways to make sure that their special day would not add to the greenhouse emission that’s currently affecting the carbon dioxide levels in our planet as it permeates the atmosphere.

The bride decided to ditch the usual and traditional grand bridal car and used a bike to get to the venue. Yes, in her flowy wedding dress with full make up on, the bride decided to casually ride a bike with her groom as they go to the venue where their wedding ceremonies are to be held. On their route, a lot of people came out of their houses, astounded at the beautiful bride who was biking on her way to the ceremony.

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Posted by Aragon Ramos Nerrie on Saturday, October 6, 2018

A lot of netizens also applauded the couple for their simple but interesting idea to get married. They say that this couple have an interesting theme and they should be appreciated because of their care for the environment.


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