A Boy Jumps Out Of His Bike, Hits Another Boy, And Jumps Back On His Bike

For most kids, a bicycle becomes the first moving vehicle they are legally allowed to drive. Every kid starts with training wheels, you know, instead of two, an extension of two others are attached. The training wheels help kids ride their bikes without falling. It’s also a way for them to learn how to paddle a bike in preparation for when they won’t need training wheels anymore.
In a Facebook viral, a kid was seen arguing with another kid. The boy had a bike and you will not believe how he used it to his advantage.

When the video began, the boy wearing a black shirt was arguing with another boy wearing a white shirt. The guy wearing white was a few inches taller than the boy wearing black. The video did not say what they were arguing about. But the kid in black went to get his bike and rode off.
It wasn’t long after he came back riding his bike as fast as he could. Suddenly he went off his bike while it was still moving forward. He hits the other boy in the face runs as fast as he could and to catch his bike. Impressively, he was able to ride on his bike again without it having to fall or stop in between.

The netizen who uploaded the video named it “Tyrone Returns.” He even made a joke in the comment section saying:

“That’s how he buys the groceries, he jumps out of his bike, enters the store, grabs the groceries, pays the cashier and jumps back to his bike.”

One netizen also joked that it was a whole kind of “hit and run.”

Watch video here:

Tyrone Returns

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Posted by Arjun Loveable on Sunday, November 5, 2017

The bike trick from the boy was truly impressive. From what a netizen noticed it may be staged, but regardless of that fact, the trick was still real so, does it really matter if the argument part was completely fake?


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