Unbelievable Talent

A video uploaded on Facebook last October 3rd, 2018 got a lot of positive reactions because of a young man who has such a beautiful voice.

Based on the video they’re having a singing session and the young man got the attention of the viewers and amazed by his voice singing “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The song was really hard to sing because of its high notes but everybody can’t believe what their ears heard because he sings the song so well, he’s better than Rihanna though and for a man who sings that kind of song. That’s really amazing!

Not just him everyone in the video sing so well, they got a very good blending of the song. They’re very talented, all of them. They deserve all the compliments they getting on social media. some of the netizens commented:

“Wow! Beautiful, Powerful voice! Keep singing, that’s your gift!”
“Beautiful voice and all of them sound great together.”

“Omg your voice is gold the way you drop your notes shine bright like a diamond.”
The viewers were really amazed by his voice, it surely a God’s gift and it really feels good to sing along with your friends it is gaining and attracting a positive energy. You just have to be yourself and jam with your friend or family. Singing has a lot of benefits; singing strengthens the immune system, singing can be a workout, singing improves your posture, singing helps with sleep and many more benefits.

Singing also has psychological and emotional benefits like anti-depressant, lower stress levels and increases mental awareness.

There is also a great sense of community that surrounds singing. As soon as you are with a group of people who share your passion, any insecurities or social phobias you have vanish – they just don’t matter anymore. Singing is medication for your soul, there are so many properties that benefit your health, and it’s the act of doing it that helps, not the standard that you’re at.

watch video here:

This young man has an incredible talent

WOW! Such a beautiful voice ❤️- via Willie Spence (

Posted by Music Busted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

So, if you have that amazing voice let everyone hear it and share it to the world. Let it out and be proud because it is a God’s gift.


Source: Facebook

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