Seafarer Captures Footage Of What It’s Like To Be In A Ship Cabin During A Stormy Weather

Back in the day, when airplanes and other forms of transportations have not been invented yet, people traveled by chariots and by ships. Most of the geographical expansion among countries like Spain and the United States of America actually began with ships sailing off to different lands.

Sailing across the Pacific Ocean and through the seven seas in the world was seen as an act of patriotism, aiming to discover new lands that countries can penetrate and claim as a part of theirs. As time wore one, sailing in ships became a public mode of intercontinental transportation. It became a means of reaching foreign countries across the world.

During the present days, sailing through ships is still considered a way of traveling from one place to another, however, it takes too much time making people opt for airplanes instead. Ships are now used for vacation cruises where people are not in a hurry nor pressed for time. Apart from that, ships are mostly used in their most practical purpose—large scale transportation.

Ever wonder how countries import humongous things like trucks, and cars, and other construction supplies? They are carried by ships from one place to another and are transported to different parts of the world. These ships are called cargo ships and are manned by seafarers or as people normally call them, seamen.

These men put on a lot of hard work to maintain the ship and make sure that their cargoes get to where they need to be. But nobody has ever thought of what exactly happens to these seamen as they travel through the oceans.

In recent viral video circulating among several social media platforms, we are given a glimpse of how literally shaky the seamen’s world is.

The video was taken by a seafarer who had installed a CCTV in his cabin. It was a small type of room with a single bed. It also had a place for a desk where a laptop was placed, and a sink at the far end of the room. The cabin had stuff that was loosely scattered around the floor and in the video, we get to have the feel of what it’s like to travel through the seas during a stormy weather.

All of the things that were resting on the floor suddenly slid back and forth as if the whole room was being rocked by a giant. It continued for a while and the guy even tried to rearrange his things to make sure they won’t be shaken by the waves anymore, but to no luck, the things still kept moving.

Watch The Video Below:

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