Penguin Tirelessly Chases A Seagull, Follows It No Matter Where It Goes

Penguins are extremely adorable creatures. There’s something about the way they look that catches your attention. They also walk in a very peculiar way, making them a really unique animal. Most of all, they come in different species and look very cute, making kids and adults like them.

Penguins are among the most social animals in the world. They tend to gather in groups and stay with their pack for quite a long time. They also hunt and feed together as one big group, making their feeding time a social activity among themselves.

Many may not think of it, but Penguins are actually under the family of birds. They are the only aquatic birds who can go into the water for 10 to 15 minutes without taking a breath. While they cannot breathe underwater, they remain to be the only bird who could hunt and feed underwater.

They are covered with waterproof feathers, which they lose once a year in a process called molting. During this process, penguins lose their feathers and with it, loses half of their weight. It can take up to 2 weeks to regrow their waterproof feathers, and until then, they are not able to hunt for food in the water.

Apart from this, penguins are also among the most playful yet loyal animals. They select a partner and considers them their better half for the rest of their lifetime. They mate with the same partner and care for their children until they are strong enough to hunt for their own food.

Penguins are also very curious and persistent animals. Given their social nature, they like toying with the things in their surroundings. As a matter of fact, they don’t only play with inanimate objects, they also sometimes try to play with other animals that are around them, just like what we see in this video.

In this trending footage, we see a particular penguin trying to follow a seagull. The penguin kept on chasing the seagull, and looked like it was determined to go wherever the other bird may go. Seemingly bothered by the penguin behind it, the seagull flew to the other side of the swamp, and so the penguin dove in the water and zoomed towards the other side.

The penguin continues to chase after the seagull, going back and forth to each side of the swamp, always following the seagull wherever it goes.

Watch The Video Below:


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