Girl Attempts To Eat The World’s Smelliest Fish, Successfully Finishes Off One Piece Despite Gagging Through It

Pranks and challenges are among the most popular things people do with their videos in social media platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vlogger, a social influencer, or just a normal netizen, people go crazy and all out with these pranks and challenges.

It’s as if people never run out of challenges to pose on other people. And as time goes by, these challenges get crazier and crazier, sometimes it even gets pretty absurd that you would question why people would even subject themselves to do it.

One up and coming popular challenge in European countries is the Surstromming challenge. The challenge was named after the world’s smelliest fish, the Swedish sour herring, and asks that the challenged person eat a piece of the fish without throwing up.

The Swedish sour herring comes in a packaged can after it has been soaked and marinated in its own bacteria for months. As a matter of fact, the fish is considered as the smelliest, most pungent food in the world, that its makers advise those brave enough to try it, to open it underwater so as not to smell the fish.

In this viral video, we see a girl attempt this crazy challenge and just by opening the can, she starts gagging as if she were to throw up. But she was persistent enough to keep opening the tin can with one punch of the can opener at a time. All the while she was gagging, and we could really feel her pa1n just by seeing her reactions to the smell.

Finally, she finishes opening the can and uses a bread knife to lift the cover. She uses the same knife to get a piece of the smelly fish from the can and rests it on a black plate in front of her. During this point, the girl was almost in tears from the pungent smell of the can.

But she was brave enough to finish what she started. She was really up for the challenge despite the d1sgusting smell of the food. She slices of a part of it, and takes some time before she puts it in her mouth. She almost threw up during the process but her friends who were behind the camera were supportive enough to cheer her.

At the end of the video, she was able to finish the whole piece that she took out of the can. It was a struggle to get through this crazy challenge, but nevertheless, she powered through it. How about you, do you think you’d be able to do the same thing she just did?

Watch The Video Below:

Girl Attempts The Surströmming Challenge

This girl tried the Surströmming challenge… Her reaction to the stinky fish shows just how bad it must smell 😩😂Newsflare

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