Four Overfed Dogs Ask For More Food, Could Hardly Stand Up And Walk Because Of Their Body Weight

Dogs were not labeled man’s best friend for no reason. They are the single animal that is loved by almost all humans regardless of how old they are. Kids love having them as pets, and even our senior fellows love to keep them for their company. Needless to say, dogs share a strong bond and connection with us humans.

To some couples who cannot bare a child, they adopt a bunch of dogs and treat them as their babies. While it requires a lot of care, time, effort, and finances, these couples do not mind as the lack of a child is sufficed by the presence of their dogs. These people are called dog parents and they dedicate their utmost attention to their dog children.

However, there are some people who have a different idea of what taking care is. Some dog parents, out of their overflowing love for their dog children, tend to smother them and spoil them with too much of everything. And we all know that in any situation, all that is excessive may lead to not so positive results.

In a recent viral video going around the World Wide Web, we see a group of dog children, almost lying on the floor as they wait for their food to be handed to them. The dogs looked like they were some breed of chihuahua but were abnormally bigger than the usual lap dog. This unusual look is probably the reason behind the videos 1.7 million views, and hundreds of thousands of shares and reactions.

The four of them stood there on the floor, looking up as the camera is aimed at them. It was obvious that they were waiting for food to be served as one of them already had its plate in his mouth. But the thing is, you wouldn’t even need close examination of the dogs to say that they don’t need any more food as of the moment.

The dogs were overweight. Their bodies have been to fat and big for their legs to carry that they find it hard to walk or even just stand. According to netizens in the comment section, there is such a thing as overfeeding and it was most probably what happened to these tiny dogs.

Having them at this body type might result to a weakened immune system and make them susceptible to more d1seases. This is why a lot of netizens took to the comment section their opinions on how to resolve these dogs’ current body condition.

Watch The Video:

I'm hungry !!! Give me food now !!!

I'm hungry !!! Give me food now !!!

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