Watch: Woman caught a snake and barbecued it!

Human has many fears. One of the most common causes of these fears are snakes. Many people see snakes as a great threat that can cause them harm. The fear of snakes, also referred to as Ophidiophobia is known to be one the most common phobias in the world. These legless creatures have always been associated with different kinds of myths which might have caused the reason why humans have always been terrified of them. It is also a major factor that some species of snakes are very venomous causing an intense fear to people who have a phobia with snakes.

Snakes are interesting creatures. They are cold blooded animals who match the temperature of their surroundings. Unlike mammals, snakes don’t’ have the ability to regulate their temperature, which makes gives them poor chances of survival in an extremely hot or cold weather. They are mostly found living under the rocks which are cold moist areas that they find really comforting. It the perfect habitat for them. They are also carnivorous animals who preys on anything, from small insects to large animals. Snakes discovers their food location through the use of their tongue or to avoid their enemies.

In several rural areas, it has been a common practice for its residents to hunt and catch snakes by only using their bare hands. But it is rarely to see is people hunting snakes for food. Eating a snake is a very unusual activity and hearing stories about it can be very interesting.

To some people, this kind of activity can be disturbing and very unsettling to see.

There has been a video circulating online that features catching a snake and grilling it only in a matter of minutes. What’s even more surprising is that a woman was responsible behind this activity. The woman was able to catch a snake that has 2 meters in length. After catching the snake, she peeled it and marinated the meat of the snake to add flavor. Then right after setting up a fire she was finally able to cook it like a regular barbecue, then she started eating the snake like a delicious meal. A lot of netizens were shocked with this disturbing video.

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Watch The Video Below:


credits: feedytv

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