Grandmother Stitches Grandson’s Ripped Jeans, Unconvinced It Is A Fashion Statement

Fashion has gone through a lot of cycle through out the century. With new trends and new styles emerging almost every year, there is no denying the fact that the fashion industry has indeed taken greater leaps in terms of its evolution.

During the past, clothes were more practical and less stylish. They were meant to serve specific purposes such as covering the body from the sun or other weather conditions. Clothes have also been designed to fit the everyday activities of people back then, meaning they were created to allow people to move freely so they may be able to do a variety of physical activities.

As the world of clothing and fashion evolved toward the present day, it has adapted different concepts that do not only include practicality. Much of the clothes we were today do not even seem practical, but is more leaning towards design and style.

If back in the day, clothes were designed with simplicity and neatness so as to make whoever would wear them look prim, proper, and presentable. Nowadays, however, the style and designs of the everyday clothes we were are more edgy and rugged.

We are talking about tattered pants, and ripped jeans, along with the edgy designed tops like shirts and blouses that have holes in them. In today’s fashion world, the more used and rugged a piece of clothing is, the cooler it looks for other people.

However, people of the older generation do not seem to get the idea of tattered jeans. For them, it is pointless to wear a pear of pants if it would have tons of holes in it anyway. We’re pretty sure you get these comments from your grandma all the time when they see you wearing rugged outfit.

Our grandparents lived in a time were fashion was about looking presentable, and holes in your clothes are just not acceptable. As a matter of fact, in one viral video circulating online, a granny could not come to terms with the idea of ripped jeans that she tried to sew it while her grandson had it on.

In the viral video, we see a guy sitting on a couch next to his grandma. He was wearing a white shirt and an extremely rugged, tattered jeans. His grandma sat next to him with a needle and a thread and was trying to sew the ripped parts of the jeans, as if not coming to terms with the idea that his grandson is wearing worn out clothing.

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Visited his grandmother and unable to convince her it's fashion 😂 😂

Visited his grandmother and unable to convince her it's fashion 😂 😂

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