This Brave Drunk Man Gets In Lion’s Cage But It Was The Lions Who Feared Him

When we were kids, we all probably cried when Mufasa fell off the cliff where the stampede of gazelles was happening. It was a tear-jerking moment for all of us as kids. First, we’ve come to love these mighty lions, and secondly, it was our favorite lion’s dad who fell and bid the world goodbye.

Apart from the movie “The Lion King,” we have also come to love and be amazed by the mighty lions that we see in other shows, especially the circus. These animals are called the king of the jungle as they are considered to be the bravest and the fi3rcest animal in the wild.

Given the fact that they are the kings of the jungle, it is no longer news for us that these animals, even if they are domesticated by zoo keepers, can look at humans and think of them as lunch. These huge felines are known to devour any meat they see, and we humans are no exemption.

This is why when a guy unintentionally fell into a lion’s cage, people were so worried of what the lions might do to him especially that there isn’t just one, but two lions in that den. One was a female lion who looked like she was ready to come near the guy, and the other was a male lion with its bushy and mighty mane.

The video has gone extremely viral and has been shared through many social media platforms all over the world. It has gathered more than 2 million views and has been reacted to and shared thousands of times as well.

In the said footage, we see a seemingly int0x1cated man in a man-made swamp. He was wearing a green shirt and some pair of jeans. A few meters from him stood a lioness ready to pounce at him but the guy seemed to have power over the lion.

He extended his hand and motioned to the lioness as if telling her not to come near him. The lion backs up and stays away from the guy. Then the male lion walks up to the guy and started looking like it was ready to defend the lioness. But the guy does his magic again and talks to the male lion.

The video ended with the lions not being able to go anywhere near the guy and even looked like they were scared of the guy. Afterwards, we see him being successfully evacuated out of the lion’s den.

Watch Video Here:

After drinking, the man does not fear anyone, even if the lion also comes face to face. See the video.

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