Clever Way of Taking Power Nap on the Workplace

A video showing a photo of a man doing his work in front of his computer and at the back of the picture is a guy busy having his sleep hits a thousand views, shares, and positive comments on social media. It is his way of lightly sleeping without getting caught by his boss.

Majority of the comments were positive saying that strategy was cool and surprisingly smart. While the rest who were also amaze by the video tagged their colleagues and even recommended this trick to them.

“good idea hahahaa”

“That skills tho. Hahaha”

“Angas! HAHAHAHAHAHHAA soon mag gaganyan din ako…. mas malupet pa dyan hahahaha”

“Dapat ganto ang strategy”

Most of the people, especially the working class, struggle to stay awake during their labor hours. A person who always feel sleepy and having trouble waking up in the morning suffers from this excessive sleepiness. It may cause an individual to feel uncomfortable all day and can even lose his or her appetite. That is why a lot of people take power naps at work. Employers do have rules when it comes to sleeping at work that usually seems to be strictly obeyed since our culture has a major misconception when it comes to napping at work.

On a brighter side, sleeping on the job were allowed by some companies since they see positive effects on their employees doing it. They find their people more productive after naps. In addition, taking light sleep can improve one’s mood and can lessen their stress so they have the ability afterwards to manage tasks. It can increase a person’s mental alertness, and with that, there will be low risk of making errors.

As many of us believe that power naps can increase a person’s productivity and quality of work, still, it is also an important reminder to everyone that we must always be energized at all times and our professional appearance at work will always be present.

Some people do have that sense of initiative and creativity in their minds that they even made crazy, little things possible. It is somewhat acceptable doing wise things to ease hard times, but it is more important to obey work rules and policies at all times.

Watch The Video Below:

ka opisina mong madiskarte.

Posted by Fernan Manalo on Friday, October 5, 2018

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