The Baby Was Dancing While Imagining Of Eating Fries

Seeing a baby can really make someone’s day feel better. Their cute, innocent faces and their jolly facial expressions and movements can put good vibes among adults. How we can wish that we are just babies again.

For the past few months, Filipinos are obsessed with cuteness of babies. That’s why at such young age, celebrity babes like Primo (Drew Arellano and Iya Vilania), Scarlett (Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho), and Gavin (Cheska and Doug Kramer) already have lots of fans, particularly the adult ones.
And who doesn’t want to be a fan of them? Their cuteness was so irresistible whatever they do.
Looks like there is a new baby that everyone will love and he is someone from America.

In the viral video posted by Spice Adams, his son was seen being so cute while sleeping and moving his body all around. The video was cuter when he was moving his arms and swaying while Spice was singing a parody version of Bazzi’s hit song “Beautiful”.

The parody song titled “Fires” was about getting some of his favorite snack and devouring it. The lyrics are like being interpreted by the sleeping baby’s movements.
The video was already viewed almost four million times and it was reacted by more than 137,000 netizens.

Netizens, however, noticed that the kid was not placed properly in his car seat.
“Such an adorable baby, and yet her parents can’t take 30 mins to sit down and read the car seat manual and see how to strap her in correctly. Y’all will go through 9 months of pregnancy and hours of labor and still not care about keeping your babies alive. Also, to those saying they didn’t have a car seat and survived: that’s cool and all, but kids die every day from not having a car seat. You got lucky and you’re insulting those kids that [redacted] by saying car seat safety isn’t an issue worth discussing,”Hillary Keenan said.

“So future reference. If you want people to focus on the cute baby in the video, LEARN TO BUCKLE THEM AND THE CARSEAT IN PROPERLY. Then you wouldnt have a bunch of people commenting on her unsafe carseat,” Haley Stanford said.

Meanwhile, some netizens said they were just overanalyzing the video that they forgot to have fun with it.

“Why can’t people just enjoy a cute video without overanalyzing and taking it Sooooooo seriously?!?Just enjoy it’s not that deep,” Chika Kate said.

Watch video here

MOOD(Twitter: @thebarebabe)

Posted by Spice Adams on Sunday, August 5, 2018

“Yall all suck…. the baby was cute…i didn’t even notice the other shyt till i read all yall harping. geeze… way to ruin the moment. Ugh,” Miyo Jones said.


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