Man Secures Personal Space When Strolling Along A Busy Street By Making It Look Like He Is Walking His Pet Snake

A lot of pranks have been going around different social media platforms recently. It’s as if it is the new trending thing to do for videos on Facebook and other social media sites. Among the famous pranks nowadays are the disappearing prank, the frog on a phone prank, and a lot more other pranks using a fake or toy snake.

With all the pranks going around the World Wide Web right now, we have never seen somebody pull a prank and use it as a very smart way to benefit oneself. At least not until we have seen the video of this old man walking along a very busy market street.

In this video, we see an old man pull off a public prank in order to secure his personal bubble while walking amid a rather crowded street. It may be a prank, but it is actually very practical, especially for an old man who is already having a hard time walking through a busy road.

The video begins with a scene of an old man walking. He was wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of rugged old pair of jeans. Both his hands were occupied as he was holding a blue sack on his left hand, and was holding on a cane on his right hand to assist him in walking.

But the most interesting part of this video is how a fake snake is attached to the old man’s belt loop, making it look like he was walking his pet snake. What made the video rather viral is the reaction of people he comes across with during his walk.

The street was rather busy, but you can see that the crowd seems to part whenever he moves forward down the road. This is because every person he gets to pass immediately sees the snake toy behind him and mistakes it for a real one.

It is very funny how men and women alike jump and jerk as soon as they see what is following the old man. We even see the old man laughing at the people he gets to fool as they jump out of the sc4re of the sight of the fake snake.

True enough, no one is ever too old for a good prank. This guy may already be very old, but at least he still knows how to have fun with the people he interacts with.

Watch Video Here:

Man walks pet snake

Just a man walking his 'pet snake' 😂🐍

Posted by Newsflare on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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