Interesting Gangster Wedding Welcomes Newly Weds With Gun Shots Into The Air

Weddings are probably one of the biggest milestones in any person’s life. Tying the knot and jumping into the world of commitment is no joke as it entails a lot of preparation and consideration. Most people take years to plan their weddings just to make sure that this once in a lifetime event would go perfectly.

All over the world, there are different ways of conducting a wedding. There are also different types of wedding such as civil, church, tribal, and a lot more. But one thing is for sure, regardless of your country’s traditions and set of beliefs, getting into a wedding would really require a lot of planning.

This would be why other people would even spend a lot of money just to hire coordinators and wedding planners who would make the planning and organization a lot easier. This is normally done by those couples who have very specific taste when it comes to their wedding ceremony.

These days, most weddings follow a specific theme that is reflected in the colors of the entourage’s clothes, the decoration in the reception, and even the venue of the wedding itself. But some people take these themes and peculiarity to a whole new level, just like this couple in this recent viral video.

The video begins with the bride and groom coming out of a small house. The bride was wearing an elegant and elaborate bridal gown and had a red lacey veil on her head. She was followed by the groom who was wearing a light blue suit and a white inner shirt. He also had a bowtie attached to his neck.

Outside the small house, the guests were waiting for the whole entourage. And where normal weddings would shower the bride and groom with coins, rice, or grains, this wedding had a totally different approach.

Almost all of the guests were out there holding out guns pointed upward. They were there, excitedly waiting for the new husband and wife and as a form of welcome, they shot numerous bullets up into the sky in what seemed to be a substitute for fireworks.

This may seem like a gangster wedding for us, but we’re pretty sure that this rite is normal in the couple’s country as it looked like they were very used to doing it. Bagpipes were also being played to serve as music for the newly wedded couple.

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