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Breakup Video Of Student Couple, Gained Hundreds Of Sentiments From Netizens

After several decades, our society’s mindset has definitely changed. With all the technology and gadgets surrounding us, our way of living has drastically changed too.

Even millennials nowadays are way different than the youngsters of the past. Today, they are now used to be vocal of their affection and romance towards their partners. They are also fond of using social media as a platform to show their love.

But with the case of this young couple who recently gained fame on the internet, their video showed how painful breakups can be.

One of their schoolmates was able to document this heartbreaking scenario and has uploaded it online. This clip also gained different kinds of sentiments from netizens. Not only that this video shows how committed teens have become when it comes to relationships, but it also reflects how they handle these kinds of problems.

In the uploaded clip, the young man was kneeling down outside a classroom as he tried to beg his girlfriend to stay with him. Wearing their complete uniform, it was obvious that both of them were having an argument. The lady was convincing him to stand up but the man refused.

When she got annoyed by his action, she decided to enter their classroom and leave her boyfriend from the doorstep. Obviously hurt, the young man stood up and wiped his tears away. He also took the time to stay on their building’s balcony to breathe and contemplate.

Other students looked at him from afar as they were also clueless on how to help him with his heartbreak.

Watch video here:

Madalas talagang iwan ang mga lalaki😢💔

Posted by Filipino News Feed on Monday, October 1, 2018

With this, many netizens immediately gave their sentiments. Some of them called out the students for prioritizing their relationship over their studies. While some stressed that the woman was heartless for leaving her boyfriend even though he has begged so much. Although this both received positive and negative comments, all of them pointed out that these students must first study before engaging into serious relationships.


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