Little Girl’s Heartwarming Reaction Being Able To See For The First Time After An Operation

People are gifted with five senses that help us make sense of the world around us. We have our sense of hearing to listen to the sounds of the world. We were blessed with the sense of touch to be able to feel things. Our sense of smell allows us to attach scents to memories, while our taste buds enable us to enjoy the food we take in everyday. Most of all, we are given the sense of sight to be able to see the beauty of the world around us.

However, there are some people who were not fortunate enough to be given all the complete senses. Some are born without their hearing, while some, on the other hand, were born without being able to see things. These people are very special ones as we see them strive and enjoy life both at the same time despite not having all the senses.

But thanks to technology and the advancement of breakthroughs in the field of medicine, we know have procedures that are able to correct and cure these conditions. Take for example this viral video of a little girl who has gone through eye operation, and is able to see things for the first time.

The video was taken inside a hospital room where a little girl was sitting in her mom’s lap. We see her eyes covered with big balls of cotton, suggesting that she had just come out of the procedure. It was time for the doctor to remove the eye covers and let the little girl’s eyes see the sunshine of the world.

The doctor was slowly taking off the cotton balls that have obviously stuck on the girl’s eyes pretty good, causing the doctor to use other tools to take it off. She had some pieces of wet paper that helped in unsticking the bandage of the girl’s eyes.

We see that the little girl was quite uncomfortable during this process as we can hear her crying her lungs out. But the mom and the doctor were really patient with her knowing that after the bandage comes off, she will be able to see things.

The little girl kept her eyes shut even after the bandage were taken off. But as soon as she opened her beautiful eyes, we see the look of wonder and curiosity on her face. It’s as if she was trying to make sense of what she can see. The mom, on the other hand, was just filled with happiness, even to the point of tears knowing that her daughter can now live a better life.

Watch The Video Below:

That Feeling <3

A girl child blind by birth, sees the world for the first time. A guy donated his eyes to her. Watch her reactions seeing her mother, priceless. 🙏❤️

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