Little Girl Pretends To Make Crumpled Paper Disappear But Ends Up Giving A Middle Finger Instead

When we were kids, we we’re very much fond of magic tricks. We would always be amazed at how magicians make things appear, or where the disappearing things go once they make them vanish. Whether it is on our birthdays, in carnivals, or even in circus shows, we would always marvel at the tricks they showcase.

But as we grow older, we get to learn that magic tricks are just that, plain tricks. If there isn’t any trick to it, then there will be no magic. Most of it are works that involve illusion and slights of hands, something that we could learn by ourselves as adults.

However, as the times are changing, information becomes more accessible to people. No longer do kids have to wait to be adults to learn these tricks, unlike us who came from a much older generation. With the presence and availability of thousands of information online, kids get exposed to them at such an early age. And that involves being able to do these tricks that we once marveled at.

As a matter of fact, one video has gone extremely viral because it showed a kid, a little girl probably around the age of 3 or 4, trying to perform a disappearing act. In the video, we would see the little girl sitting from across the table. To her right was a much older guy, and to her left was a girl about the same age as hers.

She was holding a white piece of cloth which was obviously bigger than the size of both her hands combined. She starts waving this piece of cloth in the air as if inviting some enchantment from her surroundings. And then, like a professional magician, she crumples the cloth and stuffs it in her left hand. She even uses her other hand to keep the cloth tightly stuffed on her left hand.

The cloth is now completely out of sight as it is held tightly within the little girl’s clenched fist. She brings her hand close to her mouth and blows on her fists, the way those magicians do whenever they are about to make things disappear from their hands.

She holds out her left fist in front of the camera and just when we expect that she would open her palm and show us that the cloth was no longer there, she flips up her middle finger instead and smiles to the camera.

Watch The Video Below:

So gifted at such a young age… an inspiration to all children. 👏👏👏

Posted by Kaul Liu on Sunday, August 5, 2018

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