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Netizens are furious over two people who threw their garbage on the flood

Nature has a devastating way of making us pay for our irresponsibility. As inhabitants of the Earth, it is our duty to take care of our environment. Sadly, we badly fail on doing our jobs to save our surrounding. It was not surprising anymore that our country suffers often from the harsh weather — strong storms, landslide, and flood.

We all know the reason why we experience heavy floods in our area. Due to the careless disposal of our own garbage, we ended up having clogged canals. As a far worse result, floods now occur even with just a moderate downpour. Despite this, some people still couldn’t learn their lesson. Just take a look on these two people who remained inconsiderate to the environment.

In a viral CCTV video, two people were caught throwing their garbage to the flood. First, a woman purposely dropped the trash to the water. To make things worse, a young man also threw several garbage-filled plastics. It seemed like they took advantage of the flood to take out all the piled up trash they had at home.

As soon as this video reached online, netizens expressed their disappointment on what they did.

“Regrettable and unforgivable show of ignorance, laziness, lack of caring for their neighbors and the environment, and most importantly, NO SELF-DISCIPLINE. Please dispose of your garbage properly. This is just plain LAZINESS.”

“Wag nang magtaka kung bakit binabaha ang lugar nyo! Dahil sa mga taong yan na walang disiplina kaya pati ibang matitino nadadamay.”

“Dapat magkaroon ng multa ang mahuli nagkakalat ng basura. Baka doon tayo madisiplina para mabawasan ang baha.”

These concerned netizens all have a valid point. The two people may have successfully got rid of the trash, however, what they did has a major consequence. When nature once again made us pay, the garbage we all threw would eventually return to them in a more frightening form.

Watch The Video Below:

Kaya kayo binabalikan ng basura niyo kasi di kayo marunong magtapon ng tama.. pag binabalikas sinisisi sa presidente. Kaya lumalala ang bahaccto De Vera Toto

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