This transit van allegedly carries and transports more than 40 passengers

A normal transit van can only accommodate a maximum of 15 passengers in total. It is built to carry a lot of people and cargos in a single journey. However, this particular transit van on Facebook has a different story to tell.

Based on the viral video shared by “Caught On CCTV,” it showed an actual footage wherein a transit van carried and transported an estimated amount of 40 passengers in total.

As seen in the “mind-boggling” short clip, the said transit van inadvertently met a vehicular mishap. But as the transit van suddenly parked in the middle of the road, the passenger started to get off the said vehicle.

Just when you thought that was just the plot of the story, you have it all wrong. While they were stepping out of the transit van, an overwhelming number of passengers were seen on the viral Facebook video.

The netizens, on the other hand, expressed their sentiments towards the actual footage. Most of them were baffled on how these passengers fit in the said vehicle.

“Hahabol po sana sa edsa people power ang mga iyan kaso na tokhang.Sa mga nagtatanong po kung ilan ang laman ng van, 43 po silang lahat sa loob. Thank me later.”

“I counted 46 persons less 4 persons na bumalik sa van kaya 42 including the driver if I am not mistaken. Whew, passenger van with LRT style.”

“Sa fx van na byaheng Tanay-Crossing, 20 lang ang laman, hirap na gumalaw kapag mayroong ka pa bag. Tapos iyan 40-45.

Na-overload kasi kaya hindi kinaya iyong dulas ng kalsada kaya sa ibang direksyon sila napunta. Kaya dapat sa mga jeepney driver, hindi dapat nagpapa-overload ng sasakyan. Maawa kayo sa kahihinatnan ng mga pasahero niyo.”

What do you think about the viral Facebook video?

Watch The Video Below:

Paano kaya nang yari yun.

Paano kaya nang yari yun.

Posted by Caught On CCTV on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Source: Facebook

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