WATCH: Painful prank against classmate became a viral hit.

Pranks continues to gain popularity in various social media working sites. It has now become one of the most cultural obsession by so many people in the world. If you are consistently active in your social media accounts, you may have already come across with several popular pranking videos of today.

Pranks aren’t only seen during April Fools. For some of us, it became a daily habit pulling off pranks with other people, whether it’s a friend or a member of the family. Pranks are activities that consists of set of mischievous tricks played against someone that usually causes the victim humiliation, confusion and discomfort. Pranksters create a certain situation where in the victim is caught off guard and vulnerable. These situations can sometimes be absurd or wildly magnificent which makes the person watching the video can’t hardly stop laughing afterwards.

Today, pranks are not only used to serve entertainment purposes but also as a form of marketing strategy for different entrepreneurs. Many of them are became successful in exploiting the power of social media, creating hilarious pranks in order to promote products, movies etc.

A numerous number of vloggers chose pranking as one of their concepts in creating videos and uploading it to gain a great number of hits particularly in YouTube. In the Philippines, there are famous Youtubers that gained their popularity for pulling off pranks such as Tukomi, Jamill, Lloyd Cadena and more.

Why does prank videos have a huge market on the online world? Because people always love laugh out loud and one of the most common way to achieve this is watching a hilariously good prank.

In a recent video uploaded 3 weeks ago, a student pulled a prank against his classmate while they were inside their classroom. The victim is seen standing while doing cross legs when one of his classmates suddenly appeared and poked his butt. The guy can continues to go upward while he’s screaming because of the pain and shock that it inflicted to him. The prank can be considered wrong is so many levels and is pretty cruel for the victim but still, many netizens think of this prank very hilarious.

As of writing the video has already gained a number of 125K views and 2.9k shares.

You can watch the full video here:


Posted by Alonso Ccoyllo Sanchez on Monday, September 10, 2018

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