Mexican Guy Tries Disappearing Prank On His Mother, Ends Up Getting Slapped With A Cauldron Lid

Pranks are probably one of the most trending things in any social media platform nowadays. A lot of social media influencers have done it, and have even challenged other people to pull pranks on their friends as well. In fact, even those who are not influencers suddenly gain attention and become viral online once they do these pranks.

One of the rather famous pranks that everyone has been doing recently, is the disappearing prank. It started with a viral video of a young boy who was made to believe he disappeared through a magic trick. The whole family of the boy acted out as if they couldn’t really see him. They even reenacted a photo that was taken before hand just to make the boy believe that he couldn’t be seen.

The mobile photo part of the prank is what solidifies this joke. After seeing the picture, the boy started crying and really believed that he has turned invisible and so the family decided to end the joke there and “make him visible again.”

After this video was uploaded online, it gained a lot of attention and people thought it was a really cool and harmless prank to try on people. Since then, a lot of netizens have been uploading their versions of it, trying it on the youngest in the family, and sometimes even on older parents. Just like this recent viral video between a mom and son.

The video was done by the son in the kitchen. His mom was seated on a chair by the dining table. We also see that there was a covered cauldron sitting on the table top. The son covered his mom with a blue cloth and even recited some made up chants before he finally took of the blanket.

As soon as he took the blanket off his mother, all of them acted as if she really disappeared. The son acted very amazed and excited that they were able to make the mom vanish into thin air. During this part, we could see that the mom was starting to believe that she was invisible, as she was trying to make her presence known by speaking out. She even touched her arms and pinches her face to make sure she could feel herself existing.

And then they came to the part where they took the picture. The son stands next to the chair and they took a photo of him. The son takes his phone and subtly shows it to his mom. After seeing the photo, the mom reached for the cauldron on the table, takes off its lid and smacks the son in the head with it.

This is where the joke ended and everyone just bursted into laughter.

Watch Video Here:

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