X-Factor Auditionee Shocks The Judges And Audience After He Falls Off The Stage In The Middle Of His Performance

Being one of the longer running talent shows on the television, X-factor has managed to consistently create online buzz with several discovered talents. This show is full of drama and entertainment right from the auditions even up to the live shows.

Most of the time, the show starts by showing some of its exemplary auditionees, belting out some pretty high notes, or showcasing their singing prowess in front of the judges. Sometimes, they also focus on some of the contestants’ life stories and shows it just right before they get on stage.

This show has also managed to surprise the viewers, both on live shows and at home, through unexpected auditionees. Most of the time, these show shockers are kids or teenagers who have surprisingly high singing ranges, or people who looked bizarre or weird but ending up giving astounding performances.

But just recently, the X-factor managed to create yet again another trending video through Tommy Ludford, and auditionee. The 20-year old aspirant works as a kitchen porter was an aspiring musician. As a matter of fact, his audition piece is something that he wrote by himself.

He stood in the middle of that X-shaped stage, mic stand in front and guitar in his hands. He sang his soul to the audience and was grooving with the words and music that he created himself. The audience was having a good time with his performance, and we even hear one of the women on the audience say, “I like it.”

Seemingly carried away and consumed by the melodies, Tommy Ludford started rocking out on stage, moving away from his initial position as he shows off his guitar playing talent. Unfortunately, as he swung to the sound of his music, he unintentionally stepped back to far, causing him to fall off the stage.

The judges were rattled at the scene of this, as the stage was quite high off the ground—at around 1 meter tall or so. The judges stood up trying to get a peak of how he was doing, and on of the show hosts, together with a stage hand rushed toward Ludford to check if he was alright.

Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt and was even able to get the crowd’s energy up by punching through the air, as if declaring victory over the fall. According to Ludford, he has since been overwhelmed with the amount of support he has been receiving after the incident.

Watch Video Here:

Tommy Ludford falls off xfactor stage 🤣 🤣 🤣

Posted by Nathan Cross on Monday, October 1, 2018

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