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6-Year Old Girl Nurses Her Immobile Father After Her Mom Leaves Them

They always say that there is a peculiar bond between father and daughter. During a child’s younger years, it is normal for them to pick which parent between mother and father they relate to more. And in most case, it is daughters who get pretty close to their dads.

This comes as no surprise as fathers are normally very defensive and protective of their daughters, something they carry with them even as their daughters grow up into adults. In a common scenario, it is the parents who take care of their children while they are young.

In this recent viral video, however, we see the tables have turned as a 6-year old girl is seen nursing her invalid father. According to sources, the girl is named is Jia Jia and she is from China. Reports also say that the little girl has attended to her father’s need for quite some time now.

The father has been in this situation since he met a traffic acc1d3nt a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, after the father’s misfortune, the mom left Jia Jia and her dad. The mother initially said that she will just be away for a while and will be staying at her mom’s house. She took Jia Jia’s older brother and never returned. It was the little girl who has continued looking after her father since then.

Media from China reports that Jia Jia makes sure she wakes up at exactly 6 in the morning. During this time, she tends to her father’s needs, making sure she never misses one item from her schedule. She massages her father’s muscles, feeds him breakfast, brushes his teeth, and washes his face before she leaves for school.

While she is at school, it is her grandparents who take care of her dad. After school, she dedicates her time still assisting her father in getting by. She helps him to eat dinner and aides him to move around the house using a makeshift mobility hoist made of pieces of cloth.

Looking at how much work it is to nurse a patient, we can say that the tasks are tiring especially for someone as young and tiny as Jia Jia. But she proudly tells everyone that she doesn’t get tired of helping out her dad. After all, she is the closest family she has as of the moment.

Netizens from all over the world have taken great notice of this little girl’s noble act. Indeed, she is loyal to her father and their bond can not easily be broken by any traffic misfortune.

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