Netizen Showed His Friend’s Misfortune And Relates It To How We Behave Every Time Our Crush Is Around

When we think about our crushes, all of us can’t help but smile and gush. There’s no doubt that our crushes have a huge impact when it comes to us. The thought of them can easily make us smile and make our hearts flutter. Recently, a netizen has been able to capture how we usually act when our crushes are around. His hilarious video has been uploaded on Facebook and has immediately gained attention from netizens.

Barcelo Jersson successfully captured his friend’s misfortune. He believes that his video portrays how we exactly behave when we see our special someone. His clip also brought laughs to netizens who were entertained by his hilarious incident.

In the video uploaded, a young man was currently walking with his female friend. The video didn’t reveal what he was staring but one thing’s for sure, he was obviously dumbfounded by it. A few seconds later, he accidentally bumped his head on a metal gate in front of him.

Obviously shocked and hurt, the man rubbed his fingers on his forehead. He also tried to hit his friend who didn’t give him any warnings. His friends can’t help but laugh at him and were surprised that he wasn’t able to see the open gate. All of them have laughed their hearts out after witnessing the hilarious event.

Watch video here:

Sigueme: facebook /Jersson Barcelo

Posted by Barcelo Jersson on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Upon seeing the video, many netizens have said that his behavior is the exact same way they react when they see their crushes. People also stressed how hilarious the video was and how it was able to brighten up their day. Like his friends, netizens can’t also help but laugh with the young man’s misfortune. Some of them even shared their own experiences and epic failures whenever they’re in front of their crushes.

Source: facebook

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