Kids Go On A Trip To The Beach With Dad, But Daddy Ends Up Having More Fun Than The Kids

A video of a family has gone viral recently online. It has been viewed by 18 million people all over the world, and has gathered a lot of shares and reactions as well. In it, we get to see how during a family bonding, the dad enjoys more than his kids.

The video was initially uploaded by Leigh Minion into her Facebook account until other social media pages picked it up. It was an innocent day at the beach, filled with fun as Gavin, the father, took Thomas and Rebecca to the beach for a family bonding experience.

According to a comment posted by Leigh, the video was taken at a beach called Traigh Mhor. It was a 2-mile stretch of shore that is quiet and unpopulated most times of the year. The family lived in the beautiful Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, NW Scotland. They said that the electricity was off during that day so they decided to visit the beach instead.

Rebecca, the daughter, was more interested in looking for shiny rocks and pieces of shells by the shore. And while she did this, Gavin and Thomas decided to build a dam that accumulated water instead. After they were done, the dad started counting down before he created the passageway of the water.

He used his foot to create a small canal of water from what used to be a makeshift sand dam. As soon as he gets his foot out of the dam, the water started pouring out. It started slow, until it got bigger and bigger. Soon enough, what used to be a small passage way turned into a wide opening that allowed the water to flow freely, eroding almost the entire dam.

From behind the camera, you could hear the dad laughing and giggling out of excitement as he watches the water gush out of the sand barricade that they made. At this point, he engages with his son and daughter, telling them to stand back as the water was getting bigger and bigger too.

This was such a fun-filled day for the family. This only goes to show that families do not necessarily have to spend so much money just so they could spend quality time with each other. Sometimes, all you need is the lack of electricity, and an unpopulated beach shore.

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His kids gonna thank him when they get older for the experience, Looks fun!Credit: ViralHog

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