A Bride Falls Off After A Stranger Pops Confetti Glitter On Her Eyes

For a bride, everything must go perfectly at her wedding, the dress, flowers, seating arrangement, the bride’s groom, everything. But in this wedding, the worst came when a stranger was asked to pop the confetti with glitter on cue for the photo. As soon as she popped the confetti, it unintentionally went into the bride’s eyes which made her fall off from outside the church.

What the stranger did not know was, it was actually just a prank from the popular silent comedy show “Just For Laughs.” Lucky for the victims the incident was completely staged meaning they did not actually hurt anyone.

The prank starts with the “wedding photographer” who will ask a stranger to pop the paper glitter on cue for the photo. As the glitter comes out, the “bride” will pretend that it hit her eyes causing her to lose balance and fall off. With the help of the strategically placed hidden cameras, the show was able to get footage of all of the victim’s reaction towards the fall.

Each one of them were shocked to see her fall. Some took a while before they when near the edge of where she fell while some rushed towards it in an instant. Once they arrive, they see the bride lying on a soft kind of trampoline with her thumbs up, smile, and not a scratch on her body.

The fear of causing someone to fall off an edge can be really frightening. That’s why as soon as they found out it was a prank, some of them had a sudden feeling of relief and just began to laugh.

Watch video here:

“Just for Laugh” has been purchased in over 100 countries throughout the world. Its unique way of silent comedy has made it who it is today. Which is one of the most trusted and most entertaining shows worldwide.



Source: youtube

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