WATCH: Video of “Headset Girl” goes viral on social media

Who will definitely agree that most of us could live without our own trusty headset? Of course, most of us will say yes. This useful piece of equipment always brings a sense of comfort to us. It always allows us to enjoy the music of our choice and never and it never fails to turn our day livelier and funnier.

Recently, a woman became an instant trending topic on social media for unexpected blunder while using her headset.

As seen in the very short clip, the woman seemed like she was little too absorbed while listening to the music coming from her headset. Moreover, it also appeared that the woman can’t keep her eyes off at her smartphone.

So, as it turned out, the woman wasn’t aware of her surroundings while walking. In the few seconds of the viral video, it seemed that everything was okay until she suddenly slammed into a metal railing. Soon after she bumped into the hard object, the woman acted like nothing awkward happened to her.

As you we could assume, the woman thought that nobody saw the humiliating experience. However, little did she know, the whole situation was actually captured and recorded in a hidden closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera.

As of this wiring, the hilarious misadventure of the woman turned out to be an instant source of laughter among the netizens. Everyone who saw the viral video definitely could absolutely relate to her. As a matter of fact, her 9-second blunder has been viewed, liked, commented on, and shared by thousands of netizens on Facebook. Some of them even tagged their friends to spread laughter and good vibes.

Watch video here

My headset gurl what happen???

Posted by Allen Taruc Aragrev on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Do you have a similar experience with the woman on the viral video?


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