Motorcycle driver uses only his short legs to stop on the road

The generation of caring for what other people say has ended, and the generation of doing things that matters to one without compromising for others has bloomed.

This goes for all, even for the driver who had no problem riding his motorcycle despite having short legs. Majority of Filipinos are known to be very much shorter than the average man. But that does not erase the fact that they can do things that are unexpected from them given the wee height for some. The viral video posted in social media showed a Filipino driving his motorcycle and cannot stop using his feet while riding on it. The strategy is to get off the motorcycle, put both legs on one side, safely handle the grips while on the stop and wait for the go signal of the traffic light.

For some it was funny. But, this should never be viewed as a joke rather let’s look on it as an inspiration – that there are no barriers if we want to do or if we have to do something, it is never good humiliating other people for the sake of fun anyways. Some are in agreement with this statement as one netizen commented, “What is funny about that?,” and the other “This is an example of standing on your own feet…….. Don’t rely on someone else…..” Like him, there are instances where we have to face reality and work on it in order to move along with life.

What we may also take from this Filipino is how he is as a driver – complete with wearing his helmet, his jacket, and the most important of all is that he abided by the traffic rules.

The lesson that today’s generation teaches us is to do others good regardless of height, weight, race, ethnicity and even their skin color, because we will never know the struggles that one is overcoming.

Watch The Video Below:

Short Height Man On The Bike

The person on the bike does not reach his feet on the ground. (Funny)#247E

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