Dog Whisperer Amazes Crowd By Putting On The Best Show With 9 Dogs

They say dogs are men’s best friend, and that has been proven to be true time and again. Dogs are one of the most talented and intelligent animals as they can actually be taught to perform tricks and other tasks. We’ve seen it done in talent shows and dog shows, were our favorite fur balls do all sorts of tricks that we don’t really expect dogs to be able to do.

But teaching dogs to perform these tricks can be a pretty arduous task for the trainer. It involves a lot of time and effort, not to mention patience as dogs have different temperaments and attitudes toward people. But in a recent viral video, we see someone so talented in handling dogs that he was able to put on a show for a large audience together with all of his nine dogs.

The video was set in a large arena, much like those where you see bull fighting is done. The trainer runs out of one of the arenas doors, and immediately after him, a dog comes out running too. But there was not just one dog. Another one came out, and then another three dogs, and they just kept coming out running toward the direction that their trainer was going.

The trainer stopped at the center of the field and the dogs couldn’t get enough of taking turns going up to their master as some of them kept on running around the field. Finally, one of them stood on its hind legs as its two front legs was held by its trainer.

All of a sudden, the dogs started lining up in a queue, with one behind the other looking like they’re piggy backing on each other. They parade around the arena in a long line and the audience was just amazed. Then they started to run around the arena and went up a line of bar stool.

The trainer motions to the dogs, and one by one, they started performing tricks. They started running around, jumping through hoops and a lot more other tricks. A lot of netizens from all over the world found this very amusing, causing the video to become as viral as it is now.

Watch Video Here:

🌺 já vi muitos espetáculos com cães mas este é campeão!!!

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