Boy Gets Chased By Dogs, Turns Around And Chases Them Instead of Running Away

We always see videos and pictures of adorable dogs online. Regardless of what social media platform we are logged into, we are not exempted from the numerous pet photos that are shared by netizens online. But these photos and clips are always of those domesticated and cute pets. Rarely do we see videos of dogs going wild or being on their defensive nature.

While dogs are a lot of fun and could really be treated as man’s best friend, we are all aware that they also have some agress1on in their nature. Think of the houses you’ve passed by with the signage “Beware of Dog” on their gates. Or just take a look at this viral video that shows how a kid gets chased by two dogs.

In the video, a boy was trying to ride his bicycle, probably trying to get home. As he tried to hop on his bike seat and push on the pedal, one of the dogs on the street started barking and tried to chase him. Another dog also joined the party, so now, there were two dogs trying to come after the boy.

But instead of running away, or driving his bike fastly away from the dogs, the boy did just the opposite. He hopped off his bike and started running towards the dogs. The end result? The dogs started running away and they end up being chased by the boy instead.

Oh how quickly the tables have turned in this video. The boy who was immediately being barked at and chased ended up getting the upper hand of the situation. He wasn’t even satisfied that he successfully scared off the dogs. He even picked up a stick at the side of the street, and gestured as if he was going to run after the dogs even more.

That was some bravery right there. While people would normally run away and flee in scenes like this, the kid manned up and faced the dogs. I guess now we know what to do when we get chased by one.

Watch Video Here:

what should you do if dogs are chasing you xD👍 Just Pets. For more

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