Man catches a laptop with his butt cheeks!

Name a few intriguing talents. There are inevitably a few that come to mind. Eyebrow dancing, singing with your mouth closed, twisting your hand a total full blown 360 degrees (amidst every and any other sort of pretzel-like flexibility.) Some are not as unique as others, and others are surprisingly common despite its peculiarity and otherworldly-ness.

But have you ever heard of or seen anybody catching items, specifically a not-so-light laptop, with their cheeks? And we aren’t talking about the ones on the face! Ironic Man, a popular Facebook page on the internet shows us a video of exactly just that, sharing a post of the mad skills just earlier!

In the clip that’s slowly gaining popularity, two men are shown in blue athlete onesies under the heat of the scorching sun. One of them, throws a black laptop and across to the other side while the other gentleman clenches the whole thing and keeps it steady between his ass cheeks. It is some pretty hard stuff to believe in theory, but a clip is uploaded as evidence!

To further that, he simply does not keep steady whilst doing and practicing this talent. The man can be seen upping his game at a leisurely pace at first.

The first sight to it is with him simply with his feet planted to the ground as his buddy throws the laptop only a few feet away from him. They then take it to the next level by throwing it across the fence while Mr. Talent lies on the floor with his feet towards the sky. Finally, at the end of the clip, he is doing wicked somersaults and catches the thrown laptop at him mid-air! Suspended upside down in the sky and he still manages to nab and clench it tightly in between, what were the thoughts running in their heads when they decided to do this? Or better yet, how could he have possibly found out about this talent?

Watch the video below:

Wow galing

Posted by Otom Tin on Friday, September 28, 2018

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