This Guy’s Body Is Full Of Tattoos From Head To Toe, And Now He’s Adding More To His Face Just By Himself

Tattoos are integral parts of other countries’ traditions. In some tribes in the world, tattoos are marks that identify their ranks and contribution in their community. In the modern world, we live in, however, they are symbols of self-expression. But can we still call it self-expression if one covers his whole body with inked image? I guess this guy in the viral video would answer yes to that question.

The video starts with camera focused towards the floor. We also see a pair of legs that is fully covered in tattoo. The legs were so full of inked image that you can hardly pick out images from it. The clearest image is that on his right leg, a face of a woman with black tears running down her face; her eyes blotched in black makeup.

The camera starts panning up, and we see that this guy was wearing neon printed underwear. Its prints are almost as busy as the images that cover his entire body. The tattoos don’t only cover the legs as we see while the camera moves up that his torso is also fully inked.

The guy was standing in front of a mirror and looks like he was doing something to his face. As we the camera keeps on focusing on him, we hear a whizzing sound in the background, much like the sound of a tattoo pen when it is being applied to the skin.

The guy turns around and faces the camera and we are in for the most surprising scene. The tattooed man was putting on more tattoos on his face, and he was doing this all by himself. Not only that, he has had some unusual additions to his face to compliment his tattoos.

He has piercing in his nose, two piercings on each side of his lips, and had huge holes in his ear lobes. He was wearing earrings that are called tunnels causing the huge circular hole in his lobes. He also had something protruding from each side of his head—something that seemed like horns. He also had these horns at the front of his forehead.

It was such a bizarre and we1rd thing to see. But we can’t really judge him as he might just be expressing himself through the ink in his body.

Watch Video Here:

လူစင္စစ္ကေန မိမိ ကိုယ္ကို သရဲ႐ုပ္ျဖစ္ေအာင္လုပ္ေသာသူ

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