Seal Slaps A Huge Octopus Into Face of Kayaker

Time and again, we’ve been shown how nature displays its grandeur. We see it in the magnificent landscapes, in the picturesque forests, and the postcard worthy sunsets by the ocean. Shows such in television stations like Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have exhibited just how great the work of nature is.

But what happens if this display of nature ended up manifesting right in front of you? What if, all of a sudden, while you’re in the middle of the ocean, you get to see the natural selection process unfold in front of you? This is exactly what happened to this kayaker who was recently in a viral video that populated our social media newsfeed.

In the video, we see a kayaker gliding in the waters on his yellow kayak. He was wearing a black shirt, with a yellow life vest on top of it. He was also wearing shades for his eyes and a cap on his head. He was just idling by on top of the water, enjoying the waves when all of a sudden, something was slapped on his face.

In a surprising turn of events, a big seal surfaces on the water and rushed towards the kayak that the guy was riding. But the seal was not alone. It had something in his mouth and it looked like it was carrying it toward the kayak.

The seal had a huge octopus in his mouth, and all of a sudden, the seal swings it towards the kayak and ends up slapping the kayaker in the face with the octopus. After such, it the seal immediately disappeared into the water. Apparently, the seal and the octopus had been fighting at the surface of the water just a few moments before this video was captured.

The fight between the animals had disappeared into under the water until the seal surprised everyone with this mega slapping act.

Watch The Video Below:

Posted by Otom Tin on Friday, September 28, 2018

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