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Man Creates Bed Made Of Wood And Bamboo By Using Just His Bare Hands

Living in the forests can be very tough, especially because you don’t have the furniture and appliances that make your life more comfortable and a lot easier. But just in case you get to face this situation, here’s a video that teaches you a great life hack—how to create a bed out of bamboos.

The video looked like it was set out in the wilderness. It looked like a far-away forest where a lot of bamboos thrived. We first see the guy roaming around the forest. He was not wearing any shirt to cover his body, but had a black pair of shorts on him.

He scours the forest to get good pieces of bamboo. We then see him choose which bamboo he would take down and get. He takes the pieces of bamboo and gathers them into one place where he places them lined up on the ground.

During the process of getting the bamboos, we even see him get wounded along the way, which only shows how h4rsh the conditions in the forest can get. But he manages to get over the pain of his wounded foot and continues with what he was doing.

He takes the chopped down bamboo into a cave-like structure and piles them there. The video cuts to the next scene where we see the guy chopping down a different type of wood. We later learn that this wood would be used as the legs of the bed he will be constructing.

Finally, we see the guy starting the construction of this makeshift bamboo bed. He gets the tree trunks and uses them as the foundation and frame of the bed. And then he chops the thicker pieces of bamboo and lays it down the frame. After wards, he gets the thinner bamboos and hammers on them until he was able to split them in half. This is what he uses for the surface of the bed and spreads it on the frame. Just like that, voila, you have a comfortably sized bed.

Watch The Video Below:

Source: Youtube

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