Guy Attaches A Frog To His Girlfriends Phone In An Attempt To Prank Her

There have been a lot of pranks circulating on line, and they have clearly brought a mix of reaction among netizens all over the world. But there’s another one that has become really trending online.

The video begins with a scene of a live frog attached to a smartphone. The frog was looking directly at the camera and it was even flapping its long legs. And then, the guy keeps the camera focused on the frog as he takes the phone into a room. He walks into the room that was obviously owned by a woman.

The room was full of pink stuff. There was a bed with pink sheets, and pillows with white and pink lines printed on it. On the bed, we see the girlfriend fast asleep, having a well-deserved rest. We see that the girl’s position was very open as she had her hand resting on top of the pillow, with palms facing upward.

The guy slowly places the phone with the frog on his girlfriend’s hand as she was fast asleep. The girl, seemingly half awake, got the phone and took it close to her ears as if she was answering a phone call. She talks for a while, probably thinking that there was someone on the other line. But she wasn’t receiving any response so she decides open her eyes and check the phone.

She was still holding the phone up to her head when she turned her head and faces her phone. Much to her surprise, what greeted her eyes was not the sight of a phone screen but a frog that was taped to it. We can clearly see how shocked the girl was upon seeing the frog on her phone.

Shocked and scared, she throws the phone toward the side of the bed and sprang up the bed as she screamed at the guy. The guy of course ran away from the girl as he laughingly exited the room.

Watch The Video Below:


Posted by Nicole Hoh on Friday, September 21, 2018

Source: Facebook

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