‘What the Fluff?’ Watch the hilarious reaction of this adorable pet to his owner’s disappearance

The world has been plagued by viral dance challenges such as “Gangnam Style” and “Bboom Bboom.” However, some netizens can say that we’re tired of only seeing the same content from participating people. It’s a good thing that even animals have their own challenges, such as “What the Fluff,” and their endearing reactions are already taking over social media by storm!

Many of you might have already witnessed the “What the Fluff” challenge wherein owners pretend to disappear before the very eyes of their pets. Using a big blanket and fast reflexes, these silly humans watch as their beloved animals look on with a confused face.

One of the most recent posts that garnered a lot of views is of an expressive cockatoo. Facebook user Jesse Collins posted a short video of the latest victim to this entertaining challenge. As soon as the owner shook the big blanket and ran as fast as he could when he dropped it, you could tell that the bird was stunned to see that there was no one there.

The adorable creature even bent his head downwards, as if double-checking if its human was just hiding underneath the blanket. We firmly believe that this was one of the cutest reactions we’ve seen from the thousands of videos released!

However, the best thing about the video is the audio! There was a human voice, pretending to be the bird’s, saying “what the f***?!” as soon as the challenge was done! It was the perfect way to finish of the viral video which received 84 million views as of writing. Netizens immediately tagged their friends and family to enjoy the great results of this cute challenge.

Watch the hilarious reaction of this shocked pet in the video below:

Wtf 😂😂😂

Posted by Jesse Collins on Saturday, August 18, 2018

Source: Facebook

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