Boyfriend Puts Vinegar In His Girlfriends Soda Cup In An Attempt To Pull A Prank On Her

When couples have been together for quite some time, they achieve a level of comfort that empowers them to pull some annoying feat with each other. A couple has been the talk of numerous social media feeds recently due to a funny prank the boyfriend tried to pull on his girl.

The video starts with a scene of a bottle of vinegar. Unlike the normal vinegar that’s light colored, this one has a dark color like that of Pepsi, making it a perfect ingredient for the boyfriend’s prank. We then see that the boyfriend has placed a good amount of vinegar in a small plastic bag.

The plastic bag was tied into a know so that the vinegar won’t spill. It was also attached to a straw in such a manner that anyone who takes a sip, would get a taste of the vinegar. After this, the boyfriend dunks the whole thing into a soda cup labeled Pepsi, and puts the lid back to cover it.

The video cuts to the next scene where we see only half of the view. The guy is apparently trying to document his girlfriend’s reaction to this prank he set up. He was trying to cover his phone cleverly by hiding it behind a KFC paper bag, which apparently, is where they ordered the food.

We then see that his girlfriend is positioned comfortably on a couch, with her feet up the sofa as her legs cradle a small box of chips from KFC. We know that the box contains chips as we hear the girlfriend complaining how the chips she ordered ended up being too dry. The boyfriend then responds to her by telling her that she always ends up with dry chips.

We are all pretty sure that the boyfriend was just waiting for his girl to grab that soda cup and take a sip of it. But it took her some time to take a sip of her drink as we see her fiddling with her phone, probably browsing on her social media accounts.

All the while, the boyfriend was entertaining her, answering her comments and talking to her as she eats her chips and scrolls on her phone. And then, the most awaited moment happened. The girl grabbed her soda cup and immediately takes a sip of what was supposed to be Pepsi.

Much to her surprise, the fluid she took in was very sour, and we see it all over her face. She gives off a really sour facial expression and almost gags at the unexpected taste of vinegar. She spews it off to the box in front of her and tells off her boyfriend for pulling such a prank on her.

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She wasn't expecting that!

She wasn't expecting that! 😂Follow us on Instagram 👉🏻

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