Ready to Rumble: Rooster fights against a small punching bag

Roosters are mainly trained by owners to go on a cockfight. Their kind is very aggressive that’s why they easily go on a fight mode once they face another rooster. For breeders of roosters, engaging on a cockfight is a huge business for them. Meanwhile, it also looked that even roosters themselves are serious when it comes to this fight between their kind.

Take a look on this rooster which showed off its fighting abilities in this video. Instead of going head-on with another rooster, he went on an intense training while having a small punching bag as his sparring partner.

It flew on the air and used his claws which made the punching bag sway in all directions. Sometimes, the rooster used his beak to inflict damage on the helpless opponent.

The clip lasted for three minutes and throughout this duration, it continuously launched powerful blows towards the punching bag. It was as if the rooster self-trained for an upcoming battle. If this was an actual cockfight, things would surely be very thrilling and intense.

We could assume that this rooster really knew how to play the bloody sport. Cockfights usually last for minutes up to half an hour. This is why most owners really developed the strength and endurance of these animals. If a rooster is not vigorous enough, it could end up badly injured.

Meanwhile, people who own roosters found this video helpful. Some of them even commented that the punching bag would really serve as a good training material. A netizen even tagged it as “the newest conditioning of fighting cock”.

It wouldn’t be surprising anymore if this rooster would turn out victorious on his next fight. It just proved how ready it is for another battle. Go ahead and place your bet on this rooster.

Watch The Video Below:

Posted by Video Clip on Monday, August 13, 2018

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