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Indian Guy Recreates Photos Of Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities, Tells Beyonce She’s Got Him Looking Crazy Right Now

Everyday in our social media feeds, regardless of which among the famous platforms (IG, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) we use, we always come across shared posts that just spread a ton of good vibes. Whether it’s a video of an adorable baby trying to learn her ABCs or a hilarious prank that has gone wrong, we frequently find something to laugh about while browsing our social media.

But some people have turned themselves into social influencers who focus on humor and comedy as their niche. There are a lot of these daily vlogs and other videos that range from the mundane to the most bizarre of stuff—but one thing they have in common is their extreme effort to make their viewers laugh.

While others just do funny challenges and bank on the natural humor that doing these challenges will bring, there are some social media influencers or vloggers that take their creativity to a whole new level. These people make sure that the content they upload on their social media channels are a surefire way to elicit laughs and good vibes.

Take for example this Indian guy who has gone viral just recently. It is a simple video of the guy recreating poses and pictures by famous celebrities, but the way he recreates them are really super funny. No wonder, the video has reached 15.6 million views just within a couple of weeks since its posting.

In the video, we see the guy recreating an alluring photo of Kim Kardashian, a famous shot of Justin Bieber and the cover of one of Beyonce’s albums. He does these impressions so creatively by using unusual materials to recreate the clothes and costumes of the celebrities.

He also injects humor into the video like when the camera zoomed in on his face and he says, “Oh Beyonce, you got me looking so crazy right now,” which we all know is a play of words using Queen B’s popular song. Other artists that he imitated are Nicki Minaj along with a couple more rappers.

Clearly, this guy has some awesome sense of humor and he did not fail in sharing the laughs to us. Who would have thought that something as simple, silly, yet creative as this would cause us to laugh our guts like there is no tomorrow? True enough, this video just proves that laughter is really the best medicine to cure our worries.

Watch Video Here:

S1 EP2: Celebrity impressions

Im the best celebrity impersonator 😂

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