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This Skater Failed 11 Times Before He Perfects A Skateboard Trick, Finally Gets The Trick Right But Still Ended Up Falling In His Face

Skateboarders are always amazing to watch. Just looking at the tricks they perform in their exhibitions and competitions, we can say that the complexity and level of expertise needed to do such is extremely high. But of course, these skaters didn’t achieve this overnight.

In a video posted to Facebook by a page called Boardworld, we see a famous skater named Pedro Delfino as he tried to attempt an extremely complex skateboard stunt called a board slide. The video was just posted a month ago but it has already reached 1.2 million in views, and has gathered several reactions and shares as well.

The footage begins with Pedro gliding on his skateboard. He was wearing a dark grey long-sleeved shirt paired with a baggy pair of pants. He rushes from a downward sloping street and makes the skateboard hop and skip over a gutter. He maneuvers the skateboard toward a concrete stair ramp, and tried to slide down the slope of the ramp.

Unfortunately, instead of sliding down with the skateboard, it seemed have gotten stuck just before it got to the downward slope. As this happened, Pedro ended up sliding down the ramp, head down as if he was taking a dive toward the ground through a slide. Fortunately, he was able to manage and prop himself up, allowing him to land on his feet so he wasn’t hurt.

Determined to successfully pull of this skateboard trick, he tried another time. It was the same series of movements, and the skateboard would always stop instead of sliding. He repeated the trick over and over again, each time ending up in a fall. There was even a time where he almost fell on his face and it looked like it was really painful.

But Pedro was really in the mood to perfect this trick. He pushes for more attempts despite all the failed ones that came before it. In the video, there was a total of 11 attempts that he did, and with each attempt he ends up losing his balance and then falling to the ground. Though there were times that he almost had it down, but something would always cause him to fall.

Until finally, he was able to perfectly jump to the railing and slide down the ramp. He lands with the skateboard intact as if it were glued to his feet. He didn’t lose balance either so the trick was really well performed. So he continues to glide down the road on his skateboard.

And just when we thought that the trick was flawlessly done, he tries another jump and ends up losing his balance gain, falling to the ground as he approaches a downward slope on the street.

Watch Video Here:


Footage of Pedro Delfino's ludicrous Thrasher cover from earlier this year 👏Boardworld Store ➡︎

Posted by BOARDWORLD on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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