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Video of crying animal moves netizens worldwide

There have been many studies debating as to whether animals really feel emotions just like humans do. Some researchers say that they do indeed feel emotions, especially when it comes to house pets and farm animals; but some argue that not all animals can feel things just like humans and only very few kinds can feel these emotions.

A video of a cow recently went viral after it was documented to be shedding tears, which many netizens believe to be proof that animals can indeed feel emotions.

According to the Facebook post, the cow was about to go into its last stage as a farm animal before it is brought to the market; and just as it was about to be brought into the assigned area, it started to get emotional and even shed actual tears because of how afraid he was.

The video was credited to Barcelona Animal Save, a Facebook page dedicated to showing the last stages of the lives of farm animals before they get brought into restaurants or markets. Because of the nature of the issue and the pages posting and reposting it, the 34 – second video sparked a debate among netizens.

Some netizens claim that this video strengthened their resolve about showing their love for animals by not eating meat.

“Vegetarian since childhood and believed that everybody has the right to choose their food, but animals have the right to live. The video is unbearable to watch. Really sad….” one netizen said.

“I’ve stopped eating meat purely for reasons like this. Absolutely Heart breaking and what’s even worse, if that’s possible, is that so so many humans think that animals do not have emotions!” another netizen said.
On the other hand, some netizens questioned the message being spread along with the video because they believe that cows cannot cry due to emotions.

“It’s this type of media that make vegans and vegetarians scientifically look like fools. Animals do not cry tears of emotion, that is just a fact. This video is not a legitimate reason to stop using/eating animal products and you will never win a debate using this as an argument supporting veganism. I am vegan myself for environmental and compassionate reasons, but I use scientific facts to base my opinions on rather than misplaced projected humanized emotions.” one user said.

“The cow is not crying, because animals don’t cry. His eye is tearing from foreign object, ulcer, or infection. The cow is not exhibiting any behavior that indicates it is scared; no vocalizations, etc. in fact it is quite calm and relaxed. There’s also nothing to indicate the animal is even at a [redacted] plant.” another user said.

watch video here:

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Posted by Otom Tin on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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