Strong Man Carries Ten Guys All At The Same Time In A Great Acrobatic Act

Each one of us has our own strengths—that’s’ what our parents keep telling us. Whether it is physical or emotional, or even in other aspects of life, we have our positive qualities that we consider as strength. But some people are just gifted with much more strength than normal. Just like this guy in this video.

The video begins in an open field near a small creek. It looked like the guys were on to rehearsing some great act. There were quite a number of them seen in the video, with the main guy standing in the middle. He was wearing a blue shirt with green sleeves, a printed pair of shorts, and a cap.

He looked rather normal as his body is shaped to be just muscular enough. However, in the succeeding events in the video, we are shocked to see how much strength his body packs. Despite not having the body builder type of physique, this man actually has super human strength.

He starts with one guy whom he tossed up to his shoulder. The guy stands straightly on his shoulder as he tries to balance himself. And then a much younger kid tries to go on top of the first guy. They try to lift the kid up to propel him towards the top of what now looks like a human tower.

However, the kid wasn’t able to do it on his first attempt so they try to do it again. Finally, the kid was able to hop on top of the first guy, so the strong man is now carrying two people standing on top of another.

As if this was not enough, he invites another of his friends and lets him cling to his torso like how a monkey would wrap itself to a tree branch. So the guy is now hanging on his front. And then they took another guy to do the same thing at the back of the strong man. In total, he now has four people being carried by his strength.

But the video was so extra, it didn’t stop at four people. In some sort of acrobatic act, they propelled another two people up in the air and had the stand by the sides of the first guy who went up. And then, they added two more, so that he had five guys at the second level of this human tower. Finally, he had the last two of his friends to hang on the side of his shoulders, one on each.

At this point, we can no longer see the strong man as he is covered with people around him. But we know of one thing, that there is a total of 10 people relying on his body strength, and he was able to carry all of them at the same time.

Watch Video Here:

Nakaka bilib si Kuya, napaka lakas niya! Isa siyang Super Human dahil sa taglay niyang lakas. 😲💪

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